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Free translation software – what’s not to like?

24th November 2017

The dangers of using free translation software have been highlighted recently by the discovery of private company information online. Statoil ASA, a Norwegian multinational oil and gas company, had used a free online translation software to translate documents including contracts, downsizing plans and dismissal notices. This was discovered when a researcher Googled the company’s name […]


Translation for travel businesses, large and small

30th October 2017

If you’re in the travel business, small scale or large scale, you can’t ignore the importance of translation – communicating directly with your customers, in their own language. A translation strategy worked for Marriott International, and it can work for you. Marriott is the world’s largest hotel chain with over 1,500 properties in over 140 […]


2018 is coming – get your website translation organised!

10th October 2017

With Brexit looming in March 2019, British businesses are facing up to the challenge of dealing in a bigger world. This could be seen as an opportunity – rather than being tied to the slowing economies of Europe, British businesses will be able to pursue opportunities in the growth markets of Asia, Africa and the […]


International Translation Day 2017

3rd October 2017

Once a year, we get the chance to celebrate those unsung heroes of International communication – translators. After Brexit the UK will have to make its own way in the world, as a single country rather than as part of a powerful trading bloc, translators are becoming increasingly important. International Translation Day on 30th September is when […]


Is translating Trump a bad thing?

21st September 2017

Douglas Adams’ “Babel fish” creation in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy allowed different races across galaxies to understand foreign languages by inserting a fish in their ear. An unfortunate side effect was that “by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different races and cultures, [the Babel  fish] caused more and bloodier wars than anything […]


Interpreting for footballers requires particular skills

15th September 2017

Accutranslate does a lot of interpreting for football clubs and professional football players. Interpreting in any context demands accuracy, timeliness and discretion. In the football world the high levels of interest in footballers and their every move means that accurately translating what they say is even more important. If the footballers are indiscreet and criticise […]


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