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How Accutranslate gets the best translators

14th March 2017

When you’re choosing a translation agency, you may not think too much about how your agency sources and keeps the best translators. But you really should – if they have a good reputation and treat their translators well, your agency will be able to call upon a wider range of translators and will attract the […]


Translating Social Media into English for footballers

9th March 2017

Top footballers in the Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga and other major leagues are heavily into Social Media as a way to communicate with their fans. But it’s not easy to post in a foreign language, so what do you do if you’re a Premiership footballer and English is not your first language? First, don’t let […]


Poetry Translation – The Stephen Spender Prize

21st February 2017

Just a week to go before translators can submit their entries to The Stephen Spender Prize for poetry in translation. The opening date is Monday, 27th February. Full details on how to submit your translations will be published on the website on that date. Translators of any age can apply, and they can translate […]


Translating Donald Trump’s English

31st January 2017

French translator Bérengère Viennot wrote an article in which she compares President Obama, with “his impeccable diction, his eloquence, his constructed and logical speeches…” to President Trump, and his “limited vocabulary and a chopped and disjointed syntax”. Viennot says translating Donald Trump’s English is tough, even though the new President has the “vocabulary of a […]


Translation of “Donald Trump” in Chinese

25th January 2017

In European languages we use letters which tend not to have meaning, just sound. In Chinese, names are derived from Chinese characters, each of which has a meaning. So translating someone’s name into Chinese can be tricky – even if you try to be neutral or positive Chinese characters can be read many ways. The […]


Getting a good translation –a qualified translator

29th December 2016

This is Step 5 of our series on getting good translations. In step 4 we recommended using native speakers to translate into their own language.  If your translator is not a native speaker their translations risks sounding “wrong” to a native ear.  Even a small degree of “wrongness” is distracting to a native reader and […]


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