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Football: Argentina play Italy in Manchester on 23rd March

22nd March 2018

Argentina play Italy in a friendly here in Manchester on Friday 23rd March. Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup this summer, but Argentina have qualified, and see this match as an important part of their preparation for the World Cup Finals in Russia. Argentina’s manager Jorge Sampaoli is looking forward to a great […]


Translating Chinese menus

14th March 2018

Travellers often have some photos of funny translations they have seen in China or other countries. We’ve got a great example here! Chinese food names use Chinese characters that have positive associations. They are very atmospheric, but may not be a description of the actual food contained in the dish. This is one reason why […]


Football club uses automatic translation with disastrous results

31st January 2018

The Argentine football club Independiente used an automatic translation software to translate footballer Bryan Cabeza’s transfer contract, but mistakes made by the translation software caused the transfer to fall through. Independiente were seeking to re-sign 20 year-old Ecuadorian Cabezas from Atalanta of Italy. He had previously played at Independiente, then transferred to Atalanta in 2016. After […]


Trust your translation agency

25th January 2018

We’ve created an ebook about getting good translations and this is Step 7 – Trust your translation agency. It can be hard to find a translation agency to meet all your requirements, and even harder to trust them with all aspects of translating your legal documents, marketing materials, manuals or your emails. Hopefully our good […]


Free translation software – what’s not to like?

24th November 2017

The dangers of using free translation software have been highlighted recently by the discovery of private company information online. Statoil ASA, a Norwegian multinational oil and gas company, had used a free online translation software to translate documents including contracts, downsizing plans and dismissal notices. This was discovered when a researcher Googled the company’s name […]


Translation for travel businesses, large and small

30th October 2017

If you’re in the travel business, small scale or large scale, you can’t ignore the importance of translation – communicating directly with your customers, in their own language. A translation strategy worked for Marriott International, and it can work for you. Marriott is the world’s largest hotel chain with over 1,500 properties in over 140 […]


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