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When you are looking to translate your brochures, leaflets and documents into other languages, you need a translation company that can offer you more than just a word-for word translation. The translator’s skill is in communicating the feel and intent of the brochure, rather than just the words.  Accutranslate’s team remembers a particularly beautiful translation from English to Japanese of a letter to banks. This was rendered by the native-speaker translator into the words of typical manager of the International Department of a bank, and as you read the letter the voice of the recipient came through. This one well-translated letter was the first step to opening up a highly profitable branch in Japan.

Good brochure translation

We’ve all chuckled over a poorly-translated instruction leaflet, but how would you feel if your potential clients were laughing at your marketing materials? Yes, it’s important to make an effort to translate your brochures, but it’s even more important to go a step further and invest in a quality translation. A poor translation reflects badly on your organisation and indicates that you do not really care about the needs of your potential clients.

Translating the meaning, not just the words

A brochure or leaflet should have a readability and persuasive power that cannot be rendered by a word-for-word translation.  Accutranslate’s native speaker translators have these skills and the experience to help you communicate both the meaning and the feeling of your brochures.


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Accutranslate offer a wide range of translation and interpreting services. We have extensive experience of translating and interpreting in both the private and public sectors.

Good translation and interpreting is essential in commercial, legal and medical situations. Accutranslate's discreet and professional translators and interpreters offer experience in the legal, healthcare, sports and medical sectors. We offer a quality service while maintaining affordability.

Work is carried out by native speakers in their home country, and every piece is quality checked and proofed in the UK by our own translation team, ensuring Accutranslate can maintain the high quality of our translations.