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With Brexit looming in March 2019, British businesses are facing up to the challenge of dealing in a bigger world. This could be seen as an opportunity – rather than being tied to the slowing economies of Europe, British businesses will be able to pursue opportunities in the growth markets of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Accutranslate’s web translation team is already seeing an increase in demand for translations into Arabic, Japanese and Chinese, and we expect the trend to continue. If you want to get ahead in 2018 now’s the time to think about booking your translations in to roll out to new markets ahead of Brexit.

Website Translation and Localisation

Your website translation is about more than just words. You should look to localise your website – this means to consider all aspects of the page’s design – images, layouts, rendering of phone numbers. Just cutting and pasting translated text into an existing page can look forced and unnatural. Images often betray a website’s origins – a happy family photo in Western dress may seem innocuous, but to an Arab visitor the clothing may appear very scanty, and would not represent a Muslim family. By choosing images carefully your website can reach further and your pages can work well for visitor from various cultures.

Localisation will make your web pages more effective at communicating with different cultures leading to increased enquiries and sales and enquiries.

International SEO

Being found by search engines is key to establishing a presence in your overseas markets. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your website to be more “findable” and your website translation should consider the words and phrases that will help you to be found. Accutranslate can help with local search engines and the right vocabulary needed to be found in overseas search engines.

So, start planning now for website translation and localisation in 2018! Give us a ring on 0800 466 1335 – it’s free – or email us on info@accutranslate.co.uk