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National Pharmacist Day is celebrated on 12th January. It’s a reminder of how the pharmaceutical industry goes way beyond dishing out cold remedies or recommending the best toothpaste. On the contrary, pharma is a diverse, complex, and multicultural market. And the unsung heroes behind the scenes are pharmaceutical translators.

These sector specific language professionals don’t just solve problems. Moreover, they stop problems arising. It’s an asset that can’t be undervalued when you’re literally talking a matter of life and death.

Here’s how…

Unclear Product information

Pharma translation is key to explaining vital product information in a language you understand. For this purpose, skilled pharma translators bring accuracy and sector knowledge as they seamlessly translate product leaflets and technical manuals from one language to another.

Unappealing Even Off-Putting Websites

Public and private sector organisations in the pharma field continue to expand their online presence. But it’s gruelling to navigate varying regulatory frameworks across countries. Professional translators tackle these complexities head-on, ensuring localised content to comply with different rules.

Inferior Marketing Collateral

In terms of commerce, the pharma industry is a thriving export sector, especially for the UK. But you won’t have much luck marketing groundbreaking products abroad without clear communication. Cue the translators once again. They meticulously translate brochures, exhibition stands, posters, you name it, in an accurate and meaningful way.

And don’t forget those snazzy videos. Voiceovers in all major languages? Yes, it’s a big thing these days.


At Accutranslate, our expert pharma translators mitigate rafts of potential problems by ensuring accurate, loud and clear information and instructions at every touchpoint. Get in touch next time you need pharma translation into one or dozens of languages, depending on your requirements. We’ll be happy to help you with advice and a quotation to meet your individual needs.