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Conference interpreting returns with a bang from September, ready to pick up pace during the autumn months that are amongst the busiest in the conference calendar. The reason for continued demand is simple. Whether you’ve returned to 100% live experiences, or you’ve incorporated hybrid or virtual models, your speakers can’t make a connection if they can’t communicate with the audience.

This is where that clever person in headphones, tucked away in a booth side stage, quietly but confidently pulls everything together.

Market leading conference interpreting services ensure that speaker messages are conveyed as intended to every delegate.

How Amazing Conference Interpreting Ensures Everybody is Talking the Same Language

Impeccable conference interpreting requires laser focus, listening and comprehending what a speaker says, and relaying it to the audience in real time. Accurate conference interpreting is, of course, non-negotiable. But emotionally intelligent conference interpreting is the platinum standard.

What separates the wheat from the chaff?

  • Engaging Interpretation – The most needle-sharp accurate translation falls on deaf ears if delivery is flat and the audience glazes over. Unsurprisingly, the most in-demand conference interpreters have a fine honed delivery style that entertains and inspires.
  • Sector Expertise – Flawless language proficiency isn’t enough. Next level conference interpreting calls for a deep knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. It equips an interpreter to relay with authority and speed what a speaker is saying.
  • Creative Flexibility – How embarrassing is it for a speaker to crack a joke and the audience reaction to follow 15 seconds too late? Worst still, imagine ending up with an unhappy speaker on your hands, due to their carefully prepared session being misinterpreted. Elite conference interpreters anticipate what speakers are about to say in order to keep pace. In addition, they use localised language to prevent anything from coming across ‘off’ and being taken the wrong way.


At Accutranslate, our superior conference interpreters like to go the extra mile. If possible, they prefer to prepare in advance, by reading through speakers’ presentations. Additionally, they watch recordings of previous addresses, so they can to get used to a speaker’s delivery style. Get in touch with any questions you’ve got. We’re here to help.