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If business translation was as easy as handing a pen to anybody with a degree of literacy in the language needed, we’d all be doing it.

A word of warning. Gold standard business translation goes deeper than language. It’s a much more nuanced competence.

You only have to think about the different regional vernaculars here in the UK. Add buzz words and phrases that come and go to the mix. Some become part of everyday vocabulary. Some are all the rage for a while, then disappear.

So, good business translation is more than language fluency, spelling, grammar and even sector specificity. Good translation becomes great when there’s no evidence your text was originally written in another language.

To this end, we’ve pulled together three lesser known but powerful considerations that turbo charge business translation from so-so to spot on – 

  • A native speaking translator strikes the right tone of voice – Native speakers aren’t likely to trip up on tone and voice. They’re aware of localisation and getting it right. Otherwise, your business translation can sound out of step, wrong, even comedic or offensive in non-native hands.
  • A native speaker with translation experience produces the best work – Business translation expertise isn’t a given just because somebody can speak the language you need. It’s an intrinsic skill that involves translating your words in your brand tone of voice. Experienced translators have this at heart, knowing that your business credibility depends on it.
  • An in-country native speaking translator ensures accuracy – Think about what we mentioned above about local vernaculars. With that in mind, it stands to sense that the best business translation providers have the services of in-country team members at their disposal.

At Accutranslate, we’ve never entered a race to the bottom to be the cheapest business translation service. We’d rather be thought of as the best. What this means is you’ll ultimately benefit from better value. No risk with us of buying cheaply, in haste, and ultimately repenting at leisure.