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You might serve up the most sizzling steaks, magnifique macaroni and delicious desserts in the neighbourhood. But there’s just one small catch… Salivating customers won’t be beating a line to your door if language barriers are preventing them from knowing about your fabulous fayre.

In an increasingly multicultural society, it’s estimated that over 250 languages are spoken in London, 150-200 languages in Manchester, and 108 languages in Birmingham.

This represents a colossal incentive for cafés, bars, hotels and restaurants to enlist professional translation services. And truthfully, translation is a compelling way to bring your culinary delights to life in multiple languages!

Here’s some food for thought on the subject.

How Professional Translation Helps Get Your Tills Ker-Chinging

Thinking about picture menus, subtitled menus, or even a selection of language specific menus? Whatever you’ve got in mind, professional translation can play a gigantic role in igniting your servery. For example –

  • Attracting Regular Customers and Winning Repeat Business – Professional translated menus won’t go unnoticed by locals in your area. And their impact can’t be underestimated, because word spreads locally, resulting in a continuous stream of new footfall that converts in regular custom.
  • Capturing Passing Trade – The UK plays host to a dynamic programme of homegrown and international events, attracting visitors from all over the world. In 2022 alone, it’s permanent or temporary home to the Six Nations Rugby, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Glastonbury, Wimbledon, Cowes Week, Edinburgh Fringe and London Fashion Week. Using professional translation services ensures your menu is read and understood by often high- ticket leisure and business tourists.
  • Promoting a Welcoming Image – Giving your menus the professional translation treatment demonstrates your commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity. Assurance of a warm welcome waiting for all customers is a great way to give your brand a boost.


At Accutranslate, we might just be your dish of the day if you’re thinking about professional translation for levelling up your image and your sales.

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