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Professional language translation goes beyond mere words when you’re communicating on a global stage. It’s about capturing the essence and the vibe of your messages. Word-for-word translation can be like sending a message on a blind date, with maximum opportunity for misunderstanding.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all chuckled at poor translations that sound ‘off’ and out of sync. But it’s not so hilarious to think about your potential clients having a laugh at your expense.

The thing is, powerful translation isn’t just about making an effort, but making the right effort. And when you do, it reflects well on your business. It shows you care about the needs and perceptions of your target audiences.

With Facebook’s – or should we say Meta’s – birthday on 4th February, it’s the perfect prompt to take a closer look at professional translation for your social media content in other languages.

Professional Translation Versus Other (or No) Methods

Now, let’s talk about the social media jungle. That means more than your dinner, cat videos and memes when it comes to social media marketing for business.

Here are some key factors to take into consideration when you’ve got a social media presence abroad:

  • Lasting negative perceptions – Social media is a potential disaster zone, where a misinterpretation can grab attention for all the wrong reasons.
  • Inaccurate AI translation – Some social media platforms now boast built-in AI translation. But let’s face it, auto-translations are notorious for churning out a load of rubbish. So, the hard word your put into carefully crafted posts is wasted if your intentions are incorrectly relayed.
  • Cultural resonance – Investment in professional social media translation ensures your content resonates culturally. This means maintaining the intended tone and humour. It’s not be underestimated, bearing in mind you want your audiences to feel the love for your thought-provoking captions, clever hashtags or heartfelt messages, not the laughter or even offence.

So, ask yourself this. Is getting lost in translation a risk worth taking on social media?


At Accutranslate, we can support your social media marketing efforts with the power of professional translation. Get in touch if it’s part of your marketing strategy for overseas expansion.