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Effective business language translation is all about making your global presence feel as cosy as your local café. But you’ve got to think beyond just translation when you’re aiming to conquer international markets.

For this purpose, localisation is transformational. Why? Because it elevates mere word-for-word business language translation to something that truly captures the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

Here are five key elements of localisation you’d be crazy to ignore.

1. Branding and Graphics

Imagine pitching to a client, but your PowerPoint slides are chock-full of unfamiliar symbols or colours that just don’t resonate. Cringeworthy! Visuals can make or break your brand overseas. The good news is experts in business language translation ensure your visuals, from text styles to images, speak the local lingo.

2. Document or Website Design and Layout

You’re in for some puzzled looks if the layout of your website doesn’t align with different reading directions. This is why professionals will advise if your website’s design needs adjusting, so your message is clear and engaging, no matter where browsers are based.

3. Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Dates

Your international clients can’t reach you if your phone number format is wrong. Oops! Thankfully, a leading business language translation agency localises everything, including:

  • Adding international dialling codes
  • Formatting addresses appropriately
  • Configuring dates correctly

4. Cultural Differences

Cultural nuances are the spice of international business. But they can be a double-edged sword. After all, what’s funny in one culture might be offensive in another. To avoid unintentional faux pas, native-speaking translators ensure your content is both word perfect and culturally resonant.

5. International SEO

Truth bomb! You’re on a hiding to nothing if nobody can find your beautifully localised website.  This is when SEO becomes a powerful tool. But it isn’t a one-size-fits-all fix. An expert business language translation provider tailors your SEO keywords and phrases for local search engines, equipping you to rank high and get noticed.


At Accutranslate, we don’t just translate – we localise! Get in touch to make your global venture feel like home, no matter where your audiences are. Our market-leading business language translation services cover all languages, helping bring your international goals to life.