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A man conference interpreting, wearing headphones and a microphone


Demand for conference interpreting has risen and fallen sporadically during the past year, dictated by the turbulent climate for conferences and events amidst lockdown and social distancing restrictions.


Yet, the resilient event industry can’t be kept down for long. Whilst physical events were off the agenda, we’ve witnessed the advent of a new era of hybrid and virtual events of the future.


In addition to newer future-proof events, the appetite for in-person conferences, expos and events has started to pick up at pace as social restrictions ease.


Conference organisers are springing in to action once again, booking conference interpreting services for in-person, hybrid and virtual events.


It’s an enormous responsibility to secure conference interpreting professionals with all the necessary requisites.


Simultaneous interpretation for conferences is demanding and fast-paced, challenging to get right and embarrassing to get wrong. Imagine a politician or an eminent academic getting misinterpreted and misquoted as a result of an interpreter error.


The best conference interpreting professionals combine five key ingredients of the trade in all the right measures:-


  • Accuracy – The highest standard of fluency in their own native language and the native language/s they’re interpreting.
  • Humour – The ability to interpret humour in the way speakers intend.
  • Localisation – The cultural insight needed to make correct representations of terms and phrases that mean different things to different cultures.
  • Sector Specificity – Specialised knowledge of the conference’s subject matter.
  • Preparation – The foresight to research past speaker sessions, conference information and speaker notes that are available in advance.


At Accutranslate, we’re proud to be recognised as a leading UK provider of expert conference interpreting services at home and abroad, including a recent G8 Summit in Dublin.


In addition to providing conference interpreting services for speaker sessions, we also provide professional interpreters for high profile speakers meeting dignitaries and the press.


With conferences on the rise again, here in Manchester, across the UK and worldwide, we’re looking forward to speaking to you about your conference interpretation needs.


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