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Professional translation is one of your first lines of attack when you’re tapping in to new markets abroad where English isn’t broadly used. But beware! It can backfire. You see, translation that hasn’t been localised can repel rather than attract the objects of your desire.

In fact, subpar unlocalised translation can come across as inappropriately as giving your wife a new set of dishcloths for Valentine’s Day! On the other hand, this might be a perfectly acceptable scenario in some cultures where the concept of the traditional housewife is upheld. See where this is going?

Localisation is your secret weapon for ensuring your website, marketing materials and communications aren’t out of step with your target audience.

But there’s more to it than your most crush worthy words yet. Because localisation also entails other elements that are sweeter than chocolate.

Make Hearts Melt with Localisation They’re Sure to Swoon Over

Besides getting your words literally translated, localisation also says it with:

  1. Graphics – For example, if you’re selling to families in India and Japan, use images of Indian and Japanese families.
  1. Currency – Avoid unintentionally turning off potential customers by dangling price tags in front of them in a foreign currency – £££s – that they aren’t familiar with.
  1. Units of Measurement – Using feet instead of metres and stones instead of kilos might be the difference between a match made in heaven and finding your business left on the shelf.
  1. Addresses and Phone Numbers – Basic contact information you don’t otherwise think twice about is shown differently in many other countries. So, don’t forget to lavish some extra TLC on these details.
  1. Dates – Something as simple as showing the date the wrong way round isn’t the way to woo new overseas customers.


At Accutranslate, we’re much-loved experts for effective translation and localisation that gets your products and services in to the hearts and baskets of your foreign audiences. Get in touch so we can whisper sweet nothings about your next job.