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Feel like shiny pretty AI advancements are everywhere you look right now? Truthfully, it can be tempting to sit back and let AI take over any business tasks needing your time and/or investment. But beware getting lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to language translations!

“Researchers in artificial intelligence have made extraordinary strides in mimicking human language”, Sapiens’ Joseph Wilson said in his Why AI Will Never Fully Capture Human Language article. “But they still can’t capture the parts that truly make language human.”

To this end, here are five compelling reasons to resist the siren call of AI in favour of human translators:

  1. Context is King – Language is a living, breathing entity thriving on nuance and context. Now, AI unquestionably boasts impressive algorithms. But it too often lacks any grasp of subtle intricacies like cultural references, idioms, and colloquialisms. On the other hand, professional human translators ensure your messages come across authentically to resonate with your target audiences.
  1. Emotion Matters – Who remembers the Tin Man without a heart? Machines can’t convey emotional undertones in human communication, whether it’s humour, empathy, or a touch of sarcasm. On the contrary, specialist translators infuse your words with the necessary emotional depth to captivate your ideal clients and nurture genuine connections.
  1. Real Time Adaptability – Language evolves with time and societal shifts. Accordingly, expert translators can bend and flex with language trends, resulting in fresh, relevant, and appealing content.
  1. Matchless Creativity – Human translators have superhuman powers exceeding the constraints of literal AI translations. This is crucial when crafting marketing materials and brand messaging to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  1. Compliance and Confidentiality – Trust is non-negotiable when sensitive business information is exchanging hands. For this purpose, there are still too many unanswered questions around AI. On the other hand, experienced translators understand the importance of abiding by non-disclosure agreements and compliance legislation. So, you’ve got peace of mind your confidential information is in safe hands.

At Accutranslate, the art of language translation remains a distinctly human endeavour. So, don’t entrust your crown jewels to cold algorithms. Get in touch for a magic touch only an outstanding translator can gift.