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Professional interpretation is more in demand than it’s ever been.

We’re having more everyday contact online with people all over the world. And we’re travelling in person more quickly and freely across the globe.

Business that might have previously been done between neighbouring cities is now being done between continents at polar opposites of the planet.

Professional interpretation services play their part in making this possible, enabling conversation and communication between people who don’t speak the same languages.

Here’s seven of the most wanted services companies and organisations are enlisting professional interpretation providers for –

  • Business – In person, in meetings, over the phone, at conferences and events, on Skype or Zoom, business being done across languages is easier and more efficient with interpretation professionals helping get deals sealed.
  • Conference – Professional interpretation services are crucial to the success of multilingual conferences and events. They ensure a great experience for the speakers delivering keynote sessions and the delegates on the receiving end.
  • Legal – Interpreting in the legal arena can involve dealing with courts, police and solicitors who not only speak different languages but are used to different legal systems. Interpretation professionals in this field are used to delivering accuracy, discretion, and are highly skilled in matters of the law.
  • Medical – The NHS, other healthcare providers and biomedical companies all use professional interpretation help for communicating with clients, service users and suppliers across the world.
  • PR – Celebrities and sportspeople can be expected to face press packs, star in tv ads and make speeches at charity events. It’s no mean feat in a language they’re not very fluent in – or even familiar with at all. A great interpreter makes the experience comfortable and effortless for them.
  • Public Sector – Local and central government bodies need interpretation help regularly with education, health and housing in community languages such as Polish, Punjabi and Chinese. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s inward investment and tourism where interpretation in multiple languages is just as necessary.
  • Sports – Sport is a truly global sector. Professional interpretation services are often required long before overseas players take their places with their new clubs. Language barriers can’t be allowed to impede contract negotiations and signings of overseas players, managers, coaches and other support staff.

At Accutranslate, our headline is “Any language. Anywhere.” It’s not just for show. It’s a genuine representation of our track record of delivering professional interpretation services that are trusted in the business world, the medical world and the sports world – worldwide.