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WC 7.12.20 Accutranslate Business Plan WeekIt’s Write a Business Plan Month this December.

We’re boxing ours off ahead of the holidays. So we can take a well-deserved break. Ready to bounce back with fresh eyes in the new year. Willing and able to assist your business with translation services for every language you need.

It’s been an unusual year. As a result, perhaps you’re facing double jeopardy? After all, there’s more than ongoing pandemic-related turbulence to consider. There’s also Brexit.

Therefore, it’s doubly important to be a wo/man with a plan. And, right now is the perfect moment to reflect on 2020. Also, to set your goals for 2021, in terms of –

  • Assets – Property and equipment.
  • Client & Supplier Bases – Lapsed, existing, prospective, outgoing, onboarding.
  • People – Downscaling, outsourcing, recruiting.

These are just a few of the things consider, and to build in to factor in.

Your business plan is largely an internal document. But, plenty of its elements will become external as next year unfolds.

As a result, if you import and/or export, have an overseas Head Office or subsidiary branches, clients, or suppliers, you’re likely to need first class business translation services. It’s the easiest and safest way of ensuring against communication breakdowns.

5 of Your Most Requested Business Translation Services

  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Technical
  • Website

Give us a buzz, or drop us a line, for help with any of the above. Or, if you have other business translation requirements.

At Accutranslate, we offer market leading business translation services in all languages. By human professionals, not artificial intelligence. This is vital for the avoidance of the variants and dialects that exist in most foreign languages. A done deal that you’ll be speaking the same language!

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