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Get 30% Off Healthcare and Medical Translation

9th April 2021

Healthcare and medical translation is always in demand year on year, without any particular seasonality.   But, demand has naturally accelerated recently due to Covid vaccination rollouts.  Private companies and public sector bodies involved in this vital global mission have a wide range of translation requirements across many different languages.   Here’s just a few […]


Why You Need To Use Professional Translation Services

23rd March 2021

You might use an app-based translation service like Google Translate to check a word or two in another language occasionally. That’s fine going about your daily business. But you need to use professional translation services for foreign language communications, documentation and website for business purposes. The sheer volume of text involved in online and offline […]


Does Your Multilingual Website Drop Its Ps & Qs?

7th March 2021

“Do you cringe when you see a document filled with misspelled words? Are you the friend that everyone asks to read over their projects before they send them out? Then this holiday is one for you! Proofreading Day is a day for everyone to slow down and read what they just typed for themselves. It […]


Specialist Interpretation for Footballers at Home and Away

23rd February 2021

Specialist Interpretation for footballers is an invaluable service that helps big name players in a variety of ways. At home There’s always been high demand for interpretation for footballers in the UK. The Premiership belongs to what’s known in the footballing world as the Big Five leagues. This elite category also includes France’s Ligue 1, […]


Upgrade to a Multilingual Website You’ll Truly Love

9th February 2021

February is traditionally the month of love. But this doesn’t have to be just romantic love. It’s a perfect time to reflect on the things in your business you truly love.   If your website isn’t top of your list, why not? It’s your shop window for the world to discover your unique brilliance. Your […]


Why Every UK Exporter Needs to Consider Translation Services

26th January 2021

It’s estimated by education research site, World’s Top Exports, that the “ UK’s exported goods totalled $324.2 billion during the first 10 months of 2020. Assuming an annualized $389.1 billion in exports for all 2020”.   They then broke down the market share by sector – Machinery including computers: 15.6% Vehicles: 10.8% Gems, precious metals: […]


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