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Flying the Flag for Professional Interpretation Services

11th June 2021

Professional interpretation services are used for a broad variety of global events, not just in academic and political arenas.  In addition to the very serious side of professional interpretation services, there’s glitz and glamour, too.   Take the recent Eurovision Song Contest. (Nils point jokes are completely unnecessary, thanks very much!).   As usual at […]


5 Key Ingredients for Brilliant Conference Interpreting

1st June 2021

  Demand for conference interpreting has risen and fallen sporadically during the past year, dictated by the turbulent climate for conferences and events amidst lockdown and social distancing restrictions.   Yet, the resilient event industry can’t be kept down for long. Whilst physical events were off the agenda, we’ve witnessed the advent of a new […]


Future Focused Digitally Accessible Multilingual Website Translations

19th May 2021

  Multilingual website translations are a giant step towards getting as much traffic and as many eyes on your website as possible in the countries you want do business with.   In addition, you’ll hear us talking about localisation and SEO regularly. They’re key elements of premium multilingual website translations.   But, have you heard […]


Attract More Traffic With SEO Multilingual Website Translation

4th May 2021

  Multilingual website translation is preferable for trading with some countries and essential in other countries. It depends on the country and the level of English spoken in the country or countries you do business with.   But it’s worthwhile seriously considering, even if English is widely used in the country or countries you want […]


Celebrate Chinese For Business On Chinese Language Day

19th April 2021

It’s Chinese Language Day on 20th April 2021, a day that was originally founded by the United Nations to celebrate cultural diversity and language of the Red Dragon.   Days of the Year explain how the United Nations began championing the Chinese language and continue promoting it to this day:-   “They aim to educate […]


Get 30% Off Healthcare and Medical Translation

9th April 2021

Healthcare and medical translation is always in demand year on year, without any particular seasonality.   But, demand has naturally accelerated recently due to Covid vaccination rollouts.  Private companies and public sector bodies involved in this vital global mission have a wide range of translation requirements across many different languages.   Here’s just a few […]


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