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Attract More Traffic With SEO Multilingual Website Translation

  Multilingual website translation is preferable for trading with some countries and essential in other countries. It depends on the country and the level of English spoken in the country or countries you do business with.   But it’s worthwhile seriously...

Celebrate Chinese For Business On Chinese Language Day

It’s Chinese Language Day on 20th April 2021, a day that was originally founded by the United Nations to celebrate cultural diversity and language of the Red Dragon.   Days of the Year explain how the United Nations began championing the Chinese language and...

Get 30% Off Healthcare and Medical Translation

Healthcare and medical translation is always in demand year on year, without any particular seasonality.   But, demand has naturally accelerated recently due to Covid vaccination rollouts.  Private companies and public sector bodies involved in this vital global...

Why You Need To Use Professional Translation Services

You might use an app-based translation service like Google Translate to check a word or two in another language occasionally. That’s fine going about your daily business. But you need to use professional translation services for foreign language communications,...

Does Your Multilingual Website Drop Its Ps & Qs?

“Do you cringe when you see a document filled with misspelled words? Are you the friend that everyone asks to read over their projects before they send them out? Then this holiday is one for you! Proofreading Day is a day for everyone to slow down and read what they...

Specialist Interpretation for Footballers at Home and Away

Specialist Interpretation for footballers is an invaluable service that helps big name players in a variety of ways. At home There’s always been high demand for interpretation for footballers in the UK. The Premiership belongs to what’s known in the footballing world...

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