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Incredible Stories of Professional Interpretation Errors

  There wasn’t a professional interpretation expert on the moon with Neil Armstrong to relay his legendary words to an estimated 650 million captivated earthlings back home.   I mention this because it’s Moon Landing Day on 20th July. This year marks 52...

Did Joe Biden Need Professional Interpreters for Cornish?

  Professional interpreters might not have featured on the President’s to-do list for his G7 debut in Cornwall. But it’s an oversight he might have regretted if he was confronted with “Wasson me cock?”   Lee Trewhela, Chief Reporter at Cornwall Live explains...

Flying the Flag for Professional Interpretation Services

Professional interpretation services are used for a broad variety of global events, not just in academic and political arenas.  In addition to the very serious side of professional interpretation services, there’s glitz and glamour, too.   Take the recent...

5 Key Ingredients for Brilliant Conference Interpreting

  Demand for conference interpreting has risen and fallen sporadically during the past year, dictated by the turbulent climate for conferences and events amidst lockdown and social distancing restrictions.   Yet, the resilient event industry can’t be kept...

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