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Accutranslate wc 19.4.21 Chinese Language Day

It’s Chinese Language Day on 20th April 2021, a day that was originally founded by the United Nations to celebrate cultural diversity and language of the Red Dragon.


Days of the Year explain how the United Nations began championing the Chinese language and continue promoting it to this day:-


“They aim to educate people about the history of the Chinese language. Chinese was established as an official language of the United Nations in 1946. In 1973, the General Assembly included Chinese as a working language.

Today, many members of the United Nations work with Chinese as a functional language. They also aim to teach people around the world the benefits that learning the Chinese language can have.”


The United Nations acknowledgment and celebration of the Chinese language is hardly surprising.


China has the largest population of 1.387 billion people on planet earth, ahead of India and America. Besides its head count, China’s skyrocketing economy has had America looking over its shoulder for decades.


But, how can you do business with China if don’t speak the Chinese language at all, or only have limited experience of it?


Thankfully, you don’t have to put your business dreams on hold because you don’t have the language skills.


Chinese language experts in translation and interpretation can help you avoid the common mistakes businesses make.


These costly mistakes can happen due to the automatic assumption that Chinese businesses speak English. So, being forewarned is being forearmed in terms of:-

  • Making provision for bilingual or multilingual marketing materials and website.
  • Using a professional interpreter at important meetings, ensuring you look slick and prepared instead of embarrassed you can’t communicate satisfactorily with the people you hope to impress.


At Accuntranslate, we’re here to help plug the Chinese language gaps in your business.


We wish you a very happy Chinese Language Day and look forward to hearing from you with any queries you might have about Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese for business.


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