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Event translation isn’t a new phenomenon. Alongside it’s close counterpart – event interpretation – it’s been an integral part of large events long before we’d ever heard of Covid-19.

The seismic shifts that have taken place in the events industry recently have changed the nature of events forever. The impact of the pandemic, coupled with the event industry’s ‘Net Zero Carbon Events’ pledge, means that hybrid and virtual events are here to stay.

As a result, the increase in fully or partially virtual events means a soaring demand for event translation and interpretation.

Virtual events specialist Paul Cook explained to Eventsbase,“What I do see as a trend which will become a permanent feature, is the increased need for translation services. Whether it is live or post event translation, the requirement will be there.”

Event Translation Also Helps Businesses Hit Their EDI Targets 

It’s not just the switch to hybrid and virtual that’s boosting the need for more and more event translation in events.

Post-pandemic events are much more strategic than they’ve even been. This includes the need for organisations to measure return on investment on elements like EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion).

Paul continued, “Event planners will be asked for interpreters more often as clients understand that to achieve their aims of diversity and inclusion, the access to what’s happening in the organisation must be open to all their staff and stakeholders.”

The parties will still be thrown. But they’ll be parties with more purpose than was previously the case.


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