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23rd October is Event Organisers Day, when we tip our hats to the behind-the-scenes masterminds who make conferences, symposiums and events look effortless. But let’s not forget the unsung heroes who make these global gatherings truly international in every sense… conference interpreters.

3 Brilliant Benefits Conference Interpreters Bring to the Table

Demand for quality conference interpretation continues to soar in event organisation circles. And here’s why:

  • Artful Simultaneous Translation – Conferences and symposiums can create a linguistic maelstrom with visitors from around the world networking in multiple native tongues. But it all becomes clear when interpreters don their headphones and listen to what the speakers or panel members on stage are saying. This is when conference interpreters have a gigantic impact, crafting translations while simultaneously voicing a correct rendition of phrases in real time.
  • Peace of Mind – Fear not if you’re the one at the podium. Expert conference interpreters don’t just translate your words. Additionally, they also infuse your speech or session with meaning, subtlety, and even humour if that’s your style. And if you’re happy, chances are event organisers will be happy too. Everybody involved can rest assured of foreign speech being transformed into perfect English, ensuring the event’s message reaches everyone, regardless of potential language barriers.
  • Language and Sector Expertise – The mark of a top-notch interpreter? A command of both English and at least one other language, coupled with specialised knowledge in specific fields. What’s more, the best interpreters eagerly dive into preparation before events. They devour conference papers, delve into speeches, and study past presentations, to be as genned up as possible. This level of preparation sets them apart, enabling them to deliver an even higher level of service.


At Accutranslate, we have a proven track record for providing superlative conference translation to event organisers, including Dublin’s G8 Summit. So, get in touch for skilled event interpreters who break down language barriers and connect people from all corners of the world, one phrase at a time.