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This headline isn’t us bigging up our corporate translation services.  It’s what one of our wonderful clients at Ishida Europe said about us.

Their global HQ is in Japan. In addition, they also have national head offices in nine other countries, plus distributors in another 30 countries.

A truly global operation like theirs generates a vast amount of corporate translation needing to be done accurately and efficiently. There’s literally millions of pounds worth of business riding on it.

Rebecca Mangan from Ishida needs contracts and legal documents translating at pace across multiple time zones. She’d previously struggled to secure a corporate translation provider able to manage the continuous 24:7 nature of their requirements without compromising on quality of work.

We’re delighted to have fulfilled that brief.

Rebecca explained –

“The benefit for Ishida in utilising Accutranslate services is that I am sure in the knowledge that the job will be completed within the time period stated and at a high standard. I never need to worry about work being late or not arriving.”

She’s not the only highly satisfied customer.

Spherical International have experienced the same benefits in terms of global corporate translation services that can facilitate round the clock needs.

In addition, they credit Accutranslate with enabling them to start trading in previously uncharted territories –

“Until working with Accutranslate we had found it difficult to obtain a truly bespoke 24 hour service. Since finding their services we have used them in Europe, North Africa and Asia. I am delighted with their services that have allowed us to expand our business and service into a number of previously inaccessible markets.”

At Accutranslate, we provide first rate corporate translation services both to and from English and all other languages, including less commonly used languages.

Read Ishida’s case study. And get in touch with us for more information if you relate to any of the issues we’ve helped them resolve.


Ishida Europe Case Study for Accutranslate, Accutranslate