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kimtranKim Tran an independent interpreter who worked in the justice system for 16 years was found to be in the pay of a drugs gang in a £1m cannabis cultivation case.

She was exposed as she helped detectives after the arrest of a Vietnamese gang last year. The gang ran one of the largest networks of cannabis farms found in Britain. It paid Tran about £500 to pass messages during prison visits and over the phone. She also passed on a faked birth certificate purporting to show that Thanh Thi Nguyen, 21, a suspect being held on remand at HMP Styal, was a 15-year-old child and thus immune from prosecution under the Modern Slavery Act

Ms Tran claimed she had been given the forged birth certificate by an unknown Vietnamese person who approached her in the street minutes after the Magistrate’s Court hearing in which the alleged child defendant was remanded.

In fact, analysis of Kim Tran’s computer showed that she could not have had the forged birth certificates when she said she was given them. She was responsible for translating the forged birth certificate.

Following a seven day trial at Burnley Crown Court, Kim Tran was convicted. Ms Tran will be sentenced in October.

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