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Since the United States is developing into an increasingly multi-cultural, globalised and interconnected entity, skilled interpreters and translators are finding their services in high demand.

Jutta Diel-Dominique has been translating in the USA for more than 25 years and works primarily in the technological, medical and biomechanical industries.  Based in Denver, Colorado, Jutta is far from her homeland of Germany, yet even from a very young age, she almost instinctively knew that translating was to be her vocation in life.

“I like finding the rhythm of a language,” she said. “I’m a complete word nerd and I realised, even back then, that I wanted to learn the English language almost to perfection.”

With the number of people employed in the translation and interpretation industry having doubled in the past seven years in the United States alone, for Jutta, the boom in business is always welcome.

Although it was once feared that online translation technology might come to replace humans as demand for translation services increased, it appears that the opposite is happening.

“The translation industry is growing at a rapid rate. This is partially due to the phenomenal amount of content there is out there and the fact that there is a much wider scope for international trade than there has ever been before” said Ruben Cnobel, Director at Accutranslate. “Yes, it’s true, technology is available to help businesses and individuals to translate content, but for content that is highly specialised or that needs a supreme level of accuracy, you need human intervention. It’s not enough to just translate the words; finding a translators and interpreters who understand the context and convey emotion is key.”