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Accutranslate wc 8.3.21 Proofreading Day

“Do you cringe when you see a document filled with misspelled words? Are you the friend that everyone asks to read over their projects before they send them out? Then this holiday is one for you! Proofreading Day is a day for everyone to slow down and read what they just typed for themselves. It is a day to have a goal of 100% accuracy for everything generated. Think you can do it?”

Days of the Year


Proofreading Day on 8th March 2021 obviously isn’t an official day of the year. It’s a bit of fun, like all these so-called ‘days of the year’. They’re allocated in recognition of just about everything under the sun, I suspect purely for marketing purposes.


Yet it’s true that spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on websites look so bad. I have to say I notice more and more of them these days, and they’re very devaluing to businesses.


The opportunity to put errors right is reduced when you have a multilingual website. If you’re not multilingual yourself you can’t spot those cringeworthy bloopers cramping your website’s style.


Premium multilingual website translation services will though. And Proofreading Day is an ideal day to think about how significant their eagle eyes are to your business.


Your choice of multilingual website translation service is one you shouldn’t take lightly. Your website is your main window to the countries you trade in. Therefore, you need it to be in safe hands.


At Accutranslate, our multilingual website services are used by UK businesses across multiple different sectors. They all share the same need for their websites to read perfectly in the mother tongues of countries they trade with. We guarantee completely error-free multilingual website translation, proofreading and copyediting services on Proofreading Day and every day.



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