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While re-reading “Found in translation” by Kelly and Zetzsche this week I came across some great stats that explain why document and website translation is so important for businesses.

Reason to translate your website and documents #1 – people will pay more for your product:

Taking data from industry research by Common Sense Advisory, Kelly and Zetzsche report that 72.4% of consumers were more likely to buy a product provided with information in their own language, and more than half of the consumers surveyed said information in their own language was more important to them than price!

Let’s consider this a little – people are prepared to pay more for your product if you are prepared to invest in translating information about your product into their language.

Reason to translate your website #2 – Resistance to English-language websites in some key markets:

To add a little more backing to this, in a 2011 survey by the European Commission and Gallup showed that many Europeans were unhappy at the thought of not having websites in their own language.

Internet users in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany were amongst those Europeans who least liked the idea of having to use an English-language website instead. So if your key markets include these nations la Academia recommends prioritising website translation into those languages.

Reason to translate your website #3 – check what your website users are doing!

In your website’s analytics are the clues as to where your website visitors are coming from and what they do on your website – also if visitors from particular countries tend to engage less, for example, you should be able to calculate the potential gains of translating key pages into that language.

Reason to translate your website #4 – check what your competitors are doing!

Are your competitors translating their materials?  Check their websites – if they are and you aren’t, they will be reaping the benefits.  If they aren’t and you do… now, that’s got to be a great way to differentiate your business and increase your overseas sales!

To learn more about how a translated website could help your exports, contact the experts at Accutranslate – we’ll help you build a stronger position in overseas markets!