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A selection of national flags flying

Professional interpretation services are used for a broad variety of global events, not just in academic and political arenas.  In addition to the very serious side of professional interpretation services, there’s glitz and glamour, too.


Take the recent Eurovision Song Contest. (Nils point jokes are completely unnecessary, thanks very much!).


As usual at this annual funfest, the sea of euphoric spectators waving their national flags is a breath-taking sight to behold. We’re likely to witness similar scenes at the UEFA Euros football tournament in June and July. And at the summer Olympics in Tokyo, too.


It’s scenes just like these that keep Flag Day on 14th June alive and waving. But you might be asking…


What have Flag Day and flags got to do with professional interpretation services?


Lots. Flags are emblems of the countries they represent. That’s why flags are waved at events involving lots of different people from different countries, entailing participants, media and visitors who speak multiple different languages.


There are always professional interpretation services around at major events, just like there was at Eurovision Song Contest, where representatives from 39 different countries relayed the action to viewers back in their homelands.


Closer to Accutranslate’s home, Manchester is globally renowned as a city of culture and sport. It plays host to events that stretch far beyond local and national interest.


Many global celebrities and sporting stars who make Manchester their home often have multi-million pound brand sponsorship deals. These sponsorships can include obligations that aren’t appealing to people whose English is below par.


Thankfully, there are some leading professional interpretation services that can help well-known figures overcome their language difficulties and make exactly the right impression for:-


  • Shooting TV advertisements.
  • Facing press packs before or after matches, premieres, red carpet appearances, etc.
  • Speaking publicly at awards and charity events.


At Accutranslate, we’re waving flags from all over the world for Flag Day. There isn’t a foreign language we can’t provide professional interpretation services for. That’s worth celebrating.


Thinking about professional interpretation services for a high profile event, a player or a celebrity client? Let’s have a chat.


Flag Day Fact

What are the five most popular flags in the world?

  • USA (the Stars and Stripes)
  • UK (the Union Jack)
  • Russia
  • France (the Tricolour or Tricolore)
  • Japan (the Nisshoki, meaning sun mark)



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