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Healthcare and medical translation is always in demand year on year, without any particular seasonality.


But, demand has naturally accelerated recently due to Covid vaccination rollouts.  Private companies and public sector bodies involved in this vital global mission have a wide range of translation requirements across many different languages.


Here’s just a few of the most commonly requested healthcare and medical translation services.


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Top 3 most requested healthcare and medical translation services


  • Marketing Collateral – The UK is a major exporter of healthcare and medical products and services abroad. This results in a steady flow of translation requests for brochures, fliers, leaflets, posters and pop-up stands for exhibitions. In addition to hard copy collateral, most businesses and organisations are keen to enhance their online awareness and visibility. Therefore, voice over services for marketing videos and infomercials continue to rise in popularity.


  • Product Details – Think about what comes with every healthcare and medical product off the shelf or over the counter on prescription. Reams of highly detailed product information. This information is crucial. It can literally be a matter of life or death in healthcare and medicine.


  • Websites – There’s more to consider with health and medical website translation than other multilingual websites. Besides the translation itself, there’s the different regulations that govern healthcare and medicine in different countries. These are of paramount importance. Plus, there’s localisation. Professional website translation ensures your website copy befits the vernacular of other countries without sounding wrong or out of step.


Why choose Accutranslate for your healthcare and medical translation needs?


  • We’re time-honoured experts in healthcare and medical translation in any language you need.
  • Our healthcare and medical translation team provides the sector specific expertise that’s critical for non-negotiable accuracy.
  • We offer speedy quotes within two working days.
  • We’ll provide your finished jobs in digital or hard copy formats to suit.


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