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As part of our series of advice on how to get good translations, this post is a reminder not to just go for cheap translations. In every business there are a range of prices – cheap translations (and free online translations that are now available) tick the box for cheap. They won’t tick the boxes for accuracy, correct tone of voice or correct use of specialist vocabulary.  Worse, they may tick the boxes for unprofessional, poor quality, and not caring about overseas clients!

The decision – how much do I invest in translation? is one for each business to take, but the more you can allocate to translation, the more accurate and persuasive your materials will be. A good analogy would be the decisions you make for other areas of your business – if budgets are limited you may have to go for cheap. But would you buy cheap components knowing that the failure rate is higher and that your reputation with clients could be impacted? If you skimp on translation the short-term decision may look good, but the poor impression of your business conveyed by bad translations could last for years – or lose you opportunities.

Good translators are in high demand, and specialist translators in your market will be hard to come by. A translation agency like Accutranslate will know where they can be found, which is the first step. Getting them to take on your project is the next step, and given that the best translators know their worth, money will come into it.

Many companies will know someone’s cousin or niece who lives/ used to live in the target language country or a distributor or client who will do the job on the cheap. Resist the temptation – it will come back to bite you!

You have taken care and time to create your materials in English. They convey a good impression of your concern for quality and professionalism. The same should apply to your translations and poor translation will jar with your overseas prospects in the same way that poor spelling, grammar or layout are noticed by your UK clients. Using cheap translation leaves the impression with overseas customers and suppliers that you do not bother about quality or are taking them for granted.

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