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This blog is the 4th in a series of tips on how to get good translations – find the others on our blog, and make sure you get the best translations every time!

Your translator should always be a native speaker, translating into their own language. If you are having translations done from another language into English, an English native speaker will provide a translation which reads more naturally. In the same way, when translating into other languages choose a native speaker in the target language – your materials will have a more natural flow.

It’s never wise to rely on someone who is not a native speaker, however long they have lived in a country and even if they have studied the language.  A native speaker can capture subtleties and convey them in their own language. A non-native speaker will always sound just a bit “wrong” – which is not the tone your business wants to have in documents. In the worst cases, a translation that hits wrong notes can come across as careless or even disrespectful.  Take the time and effort to find the right translator – our ebook about getting good translations is a good place to start.

Accutranslate has a wealth of experience in sourcing the best translators and we’re happy to help you find excellent translators. You need: native speakers of the target language, with experience in the subject area of your translation and experience in the type of materials you are translating, whether that is marketing materials, legal documents, technical manuals or other.