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Accutranslate often has to ride to the rescue of businesses who have suffered from poor translation of export documents or contracts. It can be a costly error to skimp on translation- businesses usually only make it once, but better to learn from others’ misfortunes and avoid the problem in the first place!

Here are a couple of examples from Accutranslate’s store that illustrate common issues:

Poor translation of export documents:

A firm that was exporting to Central America provided a poor translation of the documentation to the authorities, and the shipment wasn’t allowed in. Fortunately Accutranslate was able to rescue the shipment by providing a correct translation and explanation to the import authorities, meaning the client was able to complete the delivery satisfactorily. Accutranslate were able to intervene quickly, preventing the shipment from being returned, which would have been a disaster for the UK business and their client.

No contract translation:

A company that does business with China did not have the contract for one order translated. Unfortunately it transpired that the payment terms were for 6 months – a nasty shock for our client, who has factored in budget and time for translation of export documentation ever since that experience.

How to get good translations in place:

  • * Appoint a translation agency. If Accutranslate know a bit about you and your business it helps us provide the best quality translations from the start.
  • * Try to plan ahead with your translations. If you know a shipment is due to be sent and you give us a little notice we can match you with the best translator, rather than the one who happens to be available
  • * Don’t leave your translation until it becomes an emergency! Accutranslate can respond to emergency translation requests, but if you are dealing with importing authorities delays can cost you dearly in fines and penalties. Allow a little bit of time so documentation can be presented promptly.

For any questions about translation of your expert documents and contract, give us a ring on 0800 466 1335 or email us on info@accutranslate.co.uk