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Creativity has always been key for charity fundraising. It’s quadruply essential for many charities to start recouping losses they’ve suffered during the pandemic. Marketing translation is one such creative tool that’s proving to be useful to power-boost fundraising efforts that have fallen flat lately.

The concept of using marketing translation to widen your net isn’t specific to the charity sector. It’s also being leveraged in recruitment, for example, by businesses that are keen to attract non-native English speakers.

So, if you’re missing target audiences simply because they can’t understand your literature, perhaps it’s time to broaden your horizons.

How Marketing Translation Helps You Reach Fresh Ears and Fresh Pockets 

Marketing translation helps replenish diminishing coffers by getting your messages understood by more people. After all, the issues you highlight and support aren’t specific to a solely English-speaking audience.

So, if you’re standing up for kids, cancer, animal welfare, human rights or whatever your cause is, one thing’s for sure. Your target demographic shouldn’t be constricted by language barriers.

Take Nick Clarke from Stroke Information. He met Accutranslate’s Ruben Cnobel at a networking event. The idea of marketing translation was firmly planted during a follow-up virtual cuppa.

“During a 1:1 I mentioned an area that Ruben could help, by looking at our flier and maybe translating it into Arabic, French and Spanish, so that we could reach even more people impacted by strokes”, Nick said.

More people = More donations, volunteers, supporters and publicity.


At Accutranslate, we’ve got a longstanding track record for providing first rate marketing translation that digs deeply to being your messages to life. Besides ensuring accurate translation from language to language, we also infuse your content with the meaning, feeling and persuasiveness that are game changing for fundraising success.

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To find out more about the work of Stroke Information, visit their online shop or make a donation, please click here.