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When you’re choosing a translation agency, you may not think too much about how your agency sources and keeps the best translators. But you really should – if they have a good reputation and treat their translators well, your agency will be able to call upon a wider range of translators and will attract the better translators who can afford to be choosy about who they work with.

Recently London-based Pearl Linguistics went into liquidation. Their online employee reviews from translators were poor – for example “They NEVER pay on time, in fact they NEVER pay at all unless you start threatening them with legal action”. Any translators who did their research would have seen this, which would have badly impacted on their chance of employing good translators.

Accutranslate has always, since we were founded, had clear policies on prompt payment.  Accutranslate guarantees payment within 30 days, and often our translators are paid quicker. This prompt payment policy comes partly from our own experiences of working as translators – we appreciated prompt payment – and partly from our reasoning that by treating our translators well, they will repay us with their loyalty. You get what you pay for and a translation agency that doesn’t pay or delays paying will get found out.

So if you are a translator looking for translation work, you know which agency you can trust to pay you on time!  If you are a client looking to hire a translation agency you know that Accutranslate treats its translators fairly, and that’s why Accutranslate can recruit the best translators.  Either way, contact Accutranslate – you won’t be sorry you did!