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Great website translations in to other languages are a hot topic during the Gift of Sight Month in December 2021.

Many businesses and organisations continue to fine tune their equality, diversity and inclusion strategies. ‘EDI’ isn’t sector or size specific.

As a result, the range of businesses and organisations needing website translations is vast. But they all share the common goal of offering an improved experience for disabled browsers.

To this end, what does website translation in to other languages mean in terms of sight impaired users specifically?

What do Website Translations for Sight Impaired Users ‘Look Like’?

The most common solutions for enhancing accessibility for sight impaired users include – 

  • Alt Text Translations for Images

WebAIM recently analysed the top 1 million home pages on the worldwide web. Their findings give cause for concern that businesses are still falling short of satisfactory alt text practices, despite growing awareness.
They reported – These data show that one can expect over one third of the images on the web to have missing, questionable, or repetitive alternative text.”
You probably don’t want to be in the offending third. Experienced language professionals can help ensure you aren’t.
As part of their website translations work, they’ll make certain your alt text translations are meaningful and relevant in the language/s featured on your website. 

  • Video Captions

Video clips add a third dimension to your website content. A website translations specialist can translate, sub-title AND produce audio recordings so sight impaired browsers aren’t excluded from enjoying your video content.

  • Voiceovers

Don’t assume that all sight impaired people use screen readers, or that all content automatically translates well via screen readers.
With this in mind, it’s important you dig deep into your website data before deciding whether to offer audio translations for your entire website, or sections, such as your brochure or company magazine.

At Accutranslate, we’ll be delighted to have an initial chat with you about website translations to improve the accessibility of your website for sight impaired users.


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