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Language services might not be at the top of your list amidst a backdrop of what feels like 10 million threats jeopardising your exporting efforts. There’s war in Ukraine. Bottlenecks at Dover. Soaring energy prices. Supply chain issues. Inflation. Recession. The aftermath of Brexit, to name but a few…

The outlook might feel bleak when you turn on the news every day. But, the fact of the matter remains that the UK is second only to America in the global exporting arena. In addition, the UK is the 9th largest manufacturer on the planet.

So, instead of worrying about trade deals or no trade deals, savvy exporters are looking further afield at less traditional regions. This is because deals aren’t requisite in some of these regions. Or trade deals have rolled over from Brexit.

These less saturated goldmines include –

  • The Gulf States – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
  • North Africa – Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Western Sahara

And the starting point for success in these regions often begins with language services, to help your business get seen, heard and understood.

To this end, it helps to define your priorities in terms of how to communicate your products and/or services in your target region.

What Language Services Do You Need to Succeed in Unknown Territories?

Different business types need different language services, for example –

  • Website translations
  • Marketing materials
  • Documentation and contracts
  • Product information
  • Help with communication, e.g. interpretation assistance for emails, phone calls and online meetings, and in-person meetings

Language services add a highly personalised and localised touch to your personal and written communications. And this shouldn’t be underestimated, when you take in to account the advice that Tony Goodman MBE shared with Business Connect magazine –

“…sales are not made to countries, they are made to customers who are in markets within those countries. So, the starting point on the export trail is to find those markets and customers with similarities to your existing marketplace, and then start exporting. After all, exporting is just selling. So, the real starting point is to come up with a plan and put it into action…”


At Accutranslate, we offer superior language services for interpretation and translation, to many and varied business and public sector organisations, in many and varied languages.

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When I find myself in times of trouble… Tony Goodman MBE, Business Connect Magazine