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The internet is integral to scaling businesses, transcending geographical boundaries, and connecting richly diverse organisations from across the globe. But, the dominance of a few languages on the internet is raising concerns about inclusivity and accessibility for non-English speakers.

So, what’s the story? And how are professional translation services helping businesses bridge these gaps?

Linguistic Imbalance

In his What languages dominate the internet? article, Rest of World’s Russell Brandom explains how certain languages command a larger presence compared to their native speaker populations, most namely:

·        English
·        Russian
·        Spanish
·        German
·        French
·        Japanese
·        Turkish
·        Portuguese
·        Italian
·        Persian

Yet, languages like Bengali and Urdu, spoken by hundreds of millions of people, remain conspicuously scarce. As Brandom says: “English, German, and Japanese command a much larger portion of the internet than they do among native speakers. By contrast, many non-European languages hardly exist on the internet at all.”

Misleading Metrics

The discrepancy between spoken language and online representation is disconcerting for many international communities. As early as 2003, UNESCO recognised the importance of maintaining online content in all human languages.

Yet, as the internet has expanded, so has the disparity. This growing gap hinders cultural exchange, stifles diversity, and limits opportunities for non-English speaking businesses to participate fully in the digital age.

Untapped Business Potential

Businesses in their droves are using professional translation services to translate websites into various languages. By breaking down language barriers, you can:

  • Expand your global reach
  • Build trust amongst international client and customer bases
  • Enhance your brand reputation
  • Harness localisation to tailor your content to specific regions, ensuring cultural sensitivity and relevance

Ultimately, investment in professional translation services not only demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity, but also opens a wealth of opportunities.


At Accutranslate, our market-leading website translation experts can help you address the imbalances in language representation. So, with right help at hand, you too can leverage a strategic advantage for thriving in the global marketplace.  Why not get in touch and join the groundswell of global businesses aspiring to a more inclusive and accessible online ecosystem?