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Once a year, we get the chance to celebrate those unsung heroes of International communication – translators. After Brexit the UK will have to make its own way in the world, as a single country rather than as part of a powerful trading bloc, translators are becoming increasingly important. International Translation Day on 30th September is when translators get their day in the sun.

There are days to celebrate all kinds of campaigns and issues, and to recognise particular people who play an important role in our lives. Translators may be less visible than other services, but International Translation Day provides deserved recognition.  Translators smooth communication in trade, literary, health, legal and educational matters, and the difference between good and bad translation can mean success or failure internationally.

Accutranslate already reported the concerns of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Modern Languages in their document “Brexit and Languages: A checklist for Government negotiators and officials”.  They are concerned that many people with language skills in the UK are actually EU Nationals rather than UK citizens, and that they may leave the UK after Brexit, giving rise to a shortage of language skills. This would affect language teaching, interpreting and translation. If we value the work translators do, International Translation Day is an opportunity to show it.

Here at Accutranslate, we employ translators from all over the world. Many are located abroad, but our translators here in the UK play their part in sense-checking translations for us. We value them and their skills, as do our clients. Let’s remember translators and what they do every day of the year!

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