Sports Interpreting for clubs and players

Experienced Sports Interpreting for clubs, players and coaches

Accutranslate has many years’ experience of providing sports interpreting for clubs and their employees. Interpreting at the club and in daily life can help ensure a valuable overseas sports star settles in well to the UK. Sports clubs also use Accutranslate to aid communication with overseas clubs visiting, and with the increasing number of coaches and managers who do not speak English as their first language.

Sports Interpreting for clubs

Professional sports clubs use Accutranslate to provide interpreting when signing overseas players, in contract negotiation, and for day-to-day communication with their overseas staff. Club staff who can benefit from interpreting can be both English speakers and from overseas: players, coaches, the manager, admin and support staff and communications staff may all be non-native speakers of English.

Interpreting for players

Accutranslate helps professional sports players communicate at their clubs, and in day-to-day life outside the club.  Understanding the tactics and rules at their club is essential and media commitments, looking for accommodation, education of their children and the happiness of their spouse are all issues that can cause distraction and unhappiness to a player.

Having an interpreter near at hand to help the player and their family settle in can nip many potential problems in the bud, and ensure the player’s stay in the UK runs smoothly.

Interpreting for families

As well as the sports person, their family experiences upheaval when they move to the UK. Providing interpreting for families can help them settle in and a happy family also means that the sports player is happy. Accutranslate has experience in helping families to settle by interpreting at meetings with school teachers, estate agents and property agents, builders, PR agencies and sponsors.


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