Medical interpreting

Medical interpreting for patients, healthcare providers and healthcare companies

Accutranslate offers medical interpreting services to health providers across the UK. We also provide interpreting to healthcare and biomedical companies, allowing them to communicate effectively with suppliers and customers across the world.

Interpreting in hospitals – emergency interpreting

Accuracy is vital in medical interpreting – for example an error in interpreting the amount or frequency of medicine intake can have very serious consequences for the patient. The interpreter also has to have a calm and professional manner – the patient and their medical professionals will be discussing very personal information which the interpreter must respect.

Interpreting at medical appointments

A visit to the doctor, an ante natal appointment or appointment with a medical specialist can be worrying for the patient. Where there are potential language difficulties a medical appointment can be quite stressful. Both the medical specialist and the patient find a great deal of reassurance when an interpreter is present to ensure everything is clearly understood.  The clinician can be sure that they are understanding symptoms correctly, and the patient is reassured that they have clearly understood and necessary follow up and the medication they have been prescribed.

Interpreting at healthcare and biomedical events

Exchange of information with colleagues and business contacts at healthcare events is vital to healthcare businesses. Our interpreting team ensures that you are able to get the maximum benefit from events. We provide simultaneous interpreting so that you can understand a presentation or speech as it unfolds. We also provide consecutive interpreting so that you can have a conversation with colleagues in as natural a way as possible.

Contact Accutranslate when you require an interpreter to help you communicate effectively, whatever the language – we’ll be happy to help you with advice and a quotation to meet your requirements.


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Accutranslate offer a wide range of translation and interpreting services. We have extensive experience of translating and interpreting in both the private and public sectors.

Good translation and interpreting is essential in commercial, legal and medical situations. Accutranslate's discreet and professional translators and interpreters offer experience in the legal, healthcare, sports and medical sectors. We offer a quality service while maintaining affordability.

Work is carried out by native speakers in their home country, and every piece is quality checked and proofed in the UK by our own translation team, ensuring Accutranslate can maintain the high quality of our translations.