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Public Sector Interpreting from Accutranslate

The Public Sector increasingly has requirements for discreet and reliable interpreting services. For Health and Education Authorities this can be interpreting of community languages such as Chinese, Polish and Punjabi. For agencies whose role is developing internal investment and tourism in their area other languages such as the main European languages, Chinese and Japanese are most interesting. Accutranslate has experience of both areas, including experience of interpreting at major events such as the G8 summit.

Public Sector Interpreting – Community languages

Since September 2007, all state schools have a duty to engage with the government agenda of community cohesion, and each school’s record of commitment to community cohesion is subject to inspection by Ofsted. Part of the schools’ duties includes support for pupils for whom English is an additional language (EAL), and for their teaching staff.

With languages from across the globe spoken in UK schools, it can be difficult for LEA’s, Head teachers and governors to find the language support they need and many call on Accutranslate to provide interpreting services at Parent’s Evenings, Open Days, disciplinary hearings and so on.

Housing Authorities, Health Service providers, police and courts also require reliable and discreet interpreters. With NRPSI interpreters for many languages at Accutranslate, we can help you communicate in a variety of community languages.

Public Sector Interpreting – Telephone interpreting

Sometimes the quickest way to enable effective communication is to call for a telephone interpreter.  Accutranslate’s team has experience of interpreting for immigration, police, schools etc in times of urgency, and if the problem can most easily be solved by a phone conversation, we are happy to do so. Contact us for a cost per minute and availability of interpreters for the language you require.

Public Sector Interpreting – Tourism and inward investment

Local authorities are casting their eyes overseas to attract inward investment and tourists. Accutranslate can provide interpreters for guests from overseas, and for publicity materials such as video voiceovers.

Public Sector Interpreting – Conferences

Accutranslate’s team is experienced in interpreting at Public Sector events, including conferences and forums. When you have overseas guests attending a conference, call on Accutranslate to help.


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Accutranslate offer a wide range of translation and interpreting services. We have extensive experience of translating and interpreting in both the private and public sectors.

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