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There’s something very definitive about deciding to go ahead with website translation in to another language. You’re literally throwing your window on the world open beyond approximately 67 million people on UK shores.

Putting it in to perspective, Spanish is spoken by approximately 559 million people. And Chinese is spoken by approximately 1.31 billion people globally.

So, website translation in to another language has the potential to skyrocket your business to levels you’ve only been able to dream of.

It’s said that a plan without a strategy is just a dream. So, it’s time to get strategising to make your dream a reality. Write a Business Plan Month in December is the ideal time to do this.

Is website translation in to another language on your business plan? If the answer is yes, what sort of thing should you be aware of before starting the process?

What’s Website Translation in to Another Language Letting You in for? 

You won’t be flailing in the wilderness with an experienced and professional website translation service. They’ll guide you through the potential pitfalls.

Expect to have conversations around some of the following –

  • Weights and Measures – The different weights and measures used in different countries are critical for product businesses.
  • Currencies – Understanding ‘going rates’ and getting your conversion from pounds sterling to other currencies right is the difference between success and failure, and also profit and loss.
  • Buying Habits – Different buying habits exist in different countries. For example, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are massive in America, the UK and many other European and South American countries. But some countries don’t recognise our annual consumer-fest at all. China is one of them. The Chinese have Double 11 on 11th November instead.
  • Localisation – It’s quite simply one of the most important elements of website translation in to another language. Localisation is the difference between your website reading well in other countries, or sounding plain ‘off’. Every language has its nuances. If they’re not correctly interpreted, you can sound comical, old-fashioned or even offensive.


At Accutranslate, we’ve got years of experience of website translation in to one other language or several other languages. Get in touch with us to ensure your business doesn’t risk getting lost in translation next year.