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World Marketing Day on 27th May celebrates the continued power and impact of marketing on society, recognising outstanding marketers. But it’s also a formidable opportunity to acknowledge the language translators helping UK businesses thrive abroad, thanks to impactful translation of marketing messages across multiple formats.

Let’s explore how language translation specialists can support you in setting out your digital stall for non-English-speaking audiences worldwide.

Claim Your Golden Ticket to Global Audiences Online

Think the UK’s 60 million-strong market is impressive? How about tapping into the 400 million Spanish-speaking audience? Or even the billion-plus Chinese-speaking crowd?

Your business dreams can become reality with expert website translation. But here’s the thing. It’s not enough just to translate words.

Moreover, you need to localise your entire digital shop frontage. And that means understanding element such as:

  • Weights and Measures – Different countries, different metrics.
  • Currencies and Prices – Tailor them to local buying power.
  • Cultural Climate – Like how German consumers prefer paying on delivery, unlike us card-happy UK counterparts.

That said, marketing extends beyond the screen. Although digital marketing continues to take over the world, traditional marketing methods hold firm in many different businesses and sectors.

Leverage Transformational ‘Hard Copy’ Translations

Can we talk about brochures, leaflets, and all that juicy printed goodness? A game-changing translation means more than just swapping words, but nailing the feel and intent. This is achieved by:

  • Speaking in an Authentic Voice – Make sure your marketing doesn’t end up like a robotic instruction manual.
  • Making the Best First Impressions – Bad translations = bad vibes. Don’t let your potential audiences cringe at your crappy copy.
  • Conveying Meaning Over Words – Persuasive power > verbatim translations.


At Accutranslate, we understand great translation is a key contributor to global success. Get in touch this World Marketing Day. Your international audience – and your bottom line – will thank you for investing in quality translation that hits the right notes.