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If you were to pick a language of the future then you would probably choose Spanish or Mandarin. But – it just might be French.


Today, English is still – just – the ‘lingua franca’ but did you know that this place was once held by French? It was the language of art and the language of diplomacy. If you were educated and wanted a career then you had to speak French.

French remains an official language in many international institutions, from the UN to the Olympic Committee, NATO and the WTO – so learning French retains some cachet.

Here’s the thing though – the data suggests that French language just might be the language of the future.
French isn’t mostly spoken by the French. French will soon be a key language in the fast-growing economic powerhouse of Africa. By 2050, French will likely be spoken by 750 million people.

Not all French is the same. Rapid growth in the different French-speaking countries means that dialects, accents and pronunciation differ widely. Just translating something into French does not guarantee it will be equally understood in Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic or Chad. Localisation is the key.

We can help. Our translation services will ensure that your material will be fit for its particular French speaking audience – wherever they are in the world.