Chinese Translation and Interpreting

Chinese Translation and Interpreting for good communication

Trade with China is increasingly important – who can afford to ignore a market of 1.35 bn people?

Whether you are looking to attract inward Chinese investment or to export to China, good quality translation and interpreting will help you to communicate with your Chinese counterparts.

Chinese Translation and Interpreting for inward investment

To encourage Chinese businesses to invest in your town or region, translation of your documents and website into Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese is a must. Many organisations are not prepared to invest in quality translations – they either provide materials in English, or poor-quality translations that give a correspondingly poor impression of their offer.

With so many places to choose from in the UK, and across Europe, your potential Chinese investors are looking for an area that is welcoming, making the process of working with them as easy as possible.  Help your town or region to attract Chinese investors by providing good quality, well-translated materials.

Accutranslate is happy to quote for translation of your website or marketing materials into Chinese, helping you bring employment to your area.

Chinese Translation and Interpreting for exporters

Many of Manchester’s textile and other manufacturing industries are finding that the Chinese market presents an excellent opportunity for expansion, and that the key to good relationships is communication. The same is true for our clients across many sectors – making it easy to deal with your company is the cornerstone of success.

Accutranslate can support your efforts in the Chinese market by interpreting in business meetings, and by providing translations that will win the hearts and minds of your potential Chinese clients.

Don’t leave your success in this booming market to chance – come to Accutranslate for your Chinese translation and interpreting!


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Accutranslate offer a wide range of translation and interpreting services. We have extensive experience of translating and interpreting in both the private and public sectors.

Good translation and interpreting is essential in commercial, legal and medical situations. Accutranslate's discreet and professional translators and interpreters offer experience in the legal, healthcare, sports and medical sectors. We offer a quality service while maintaining affordability.

Work is carried out by native speakers in their home country, and every piece is quality checked and proofed in the UK by our own translation team, ensuring Accutranslate can maintain the high quality of our translations.