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Do you need to provide German Translation and Interpreting?

Surely all Germans speak good English? Germany is a main UK trading partner and many UK companies may feel that “all German speak good English, so there is no need for us to make provision for German translation and interpreting”. In fact, this is far from the case. Although languages are more commonly taught in Germany than in the UK, which language your German counterparts have learned at school may depend on whether they were closer to France or if they were educated in the former East Germany. Even if they do speak English, having good German translations of your materials, or an interpreter, can allow your German counterparts to relax when doing business with you – at the least, it shows consideration for them.

German Translation and Interpreting helps your business relationships run smoothly

By providing good German translations of your business materials, you help your business stand out as being genuinely committed to your German market. Business benefits include a positive impression of your business, better understanding of who you are and what you offer, and differentiating your company from the many UK businesses who are not prepared to invest in quality German translations and interpreting.


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Accutranslate offer a wide range of translation and interpreting services. We have extensive experience of translating and interpreting in both the private and public sectors.

Good translation and interpreting is essential in commercial, legal and medical situations. Accutranslate's discreet and professional translators and interpreters offer experience in the legal, healthcare, sports and medical sectors. We offer a quality service while maintaining affordability.

Work is carried out by native speakers in their home country, and every piece is quality checked and proofed in the UK by our own translation team, ensuring Accutranslate can maintain the high quality of our translations.