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Accutranslate’s Italian Translation and Interpreting services

There are 60m Italians, and a further 25m Italian speakers in Switzerland, San Marino, parts of the Balkans and across former Italian colonies in Libya, Ethiopia, and in the Italian diaspora. Italy is a key UK trading partner, and many of our clients rely on Accutranslate to provide quality language services to enable them to trade efficiently.

In addition, there are many Italians working in the UK, and UK nationals working in Italy, who require documents translating by experienced and professional translators. Some of the services we provide are:

Italian translation and interpreting for businesses

Whether your business is in textiles, manufacturing, design or IT, Accutranslate can help you get closer to your suppliers and customers.

This can include:

  • Translation of Italian contracts
  • Document translation
  • Interpreting in meetings
  • Translation of websites into Italian
  • Translating marketing materials into Italian

Italian translation and interpreting for individuals

With an open market for employment there are many Italians working in the UK and vice versa, with paperwork to be filled in on both sides of the exchange. Accutranslate can provide:

  • Translation of Italian birth certificates, marriage certificates etc
  • Translation of medical records
  • Translation of University certificates, professional qualifications etc
  • Interpreting to assist with home buying, interviews, etc.

Whether you are UK or Italy-based, Accutranslate’s Italian translation and interpreting services can help you.  Get in touch for a chat about your requirements and a quote for your needs.


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Accutranslate offer a wide range of translation and interpreting services. We have extensive experience of translating and interpreting in both the private and public sectors.

Good translation and interpreting is essential in commercial, legal and medical situations. Accutranslate's discreet and professional translators and interpreters offer experience in the legal, healthcare, sports and medical sectors. We offer a quality service while maintaining affordability.

Work is carried out by native speakers in their home country, and every piece is quality checked and proofed in the UK by our own translation team, ensuring Accutranslate can maintain the high quality of our translations.