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In Ireland this week the Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation was launched. As part of Trinity College Dublin, the new translation centre is the first of its kind in Ireland. In contrast the British Centre for Literary Translation at the University of East Anglia opened in 1989. With its rich literary history a similar centre in Ireland is long overdue, and reflecting the importance of the launch some of Ireland’s most respected writers were in attendance, including Marie Heaney and John Banville.

The idea of opening a literary translation centre in Ireland was first mooted by Ireland’s most famous poet Seamus Heaney (himself a noted translator) and the translators of his poetry in 2012. Despite Heaney’s death his wife Marie and other authors continued with the project, and the launch this week was the result.

John Banville said translation is “vitally important”, and that literary translation is more important than ever. He said that any threat to translation was disastrous as “It means the anglophone world knows virtually nothing about what is happening in world literature.”

The Provost also stressed the importance of translation: “To avoid being locked into our echo chambers it’s imperative we engage with other cultures”, he said. “There is hardly more important work”, he added.

Translation is vital for understanding other cultures, in literature and also in business. If you are engaging with suppliers or customers overseas, don’t neglect the importance of good translation.  Accutranslate is right here in Manchester, though our translators are worldwide – contact us with all your questions! info@accutranslate.co.uk  or 0800 466 1335.