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Professional interpretation services play a vital role in various sectors. But today, we’re shining a spotlight on the most sought-after roles they play in the public sector.

  • 1) Community Languages in Schools

The UK government has championed community cohesion in schools since 2007. To this end, local education authorities, head teachers and governors often find themselves in need of language support to span the many languages now spoken in schools. This is where interpreters step in to bridge communication gaps. Now, professional interpreters are used at parent’s evenings, open days and disciplinary hearings, to name just a few of the most typical occasions. It’s a failproof way to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page when it comes to education.

  • 2) Telephone Interpreting When Time is of the essence

A quick telephone or Zoom call with an interpreter can be game-changing. After all, a conversation is often the fastest route to resolution, whether it’s about immigration, police matters, or urgent school issues.

  • 3) Tourism and Inward Investment

The world keeps getting smaller. Consequently, local authorities continue to reach beyond borders to attract investment and tourists. These areas call for additional elements that transcend language and words. So then, interpreters are a compelling proposition for:

    • Doubling up as cultural ambassadors
    • Breaking down language barriers for guests from overseas
    • Lending linguistic expertise to video voiceovers for marketing and PR purposes
  • 4) Conferencing and Events

Interpreters ensure everyone is heard at meetings, conferences and events, regardless of language barriers. In fact, it’s their expertise that turns complex discussions into accessible conversations.


At Accutranslate, we’re grateful for the opportunity to be the linguistic glue holding communities together. Here’s to many more years of breaking down language barriers in the public sector. Get in touch for a chat about the understanding, unity, and communication needs of your public sector body.