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Chinese rtanslationThis story which was in the media a couple of weeks ago about a chippy’s menu translation into Chinese may have escaped your attention. But if you run any sort of business, then this might give you food for thought.

Scotts’ Fish and Chip shop near York now serves more than 100 Chinese holidaymakers a week. This is after launching their Mandarin website and promoting their delicacies on Weibo and WeChat, China’s versions of Twitter and WhatsApp.

Manager of the shop Roxy Vasai says “We think translating the menu gives them more options on what they might like to order.”

Tony Webster who owns the restaurant, says, ‘It’s growing, but typically we get around 100 Chinese visitors a week, which is maybe three or four coach parties. The word is spreading. The Chinese are very active word of mouth marketeers themselves, so by embracing their language and social media platforms, that’s the thing that really seems to be working for us.’

Why have they done this? Well, these figures may help to explain: Chinese tourism to the UK has increased 89% in the past five years, according to Visit Britain. The North of England alone has seen nearly 700,000 Chinese visitors since the introduction of direct flights between Manchester and Beijing in June 2016 and from Hong Kong to Manchester in December 2014. That’s an amazing market.

Here at Accutranslate we can help you promote your business by translating your blogs, catalogues, brochures and advertisements to Mandarin and/or Cantonese. Which means you too could find a whole new market — and maybe some new friends too.

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