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Business translations might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re making New Year’s resolutions to trade abroad.

Instead, you’re likely to be thinking about things like –

  • Nailing your marketing
  • Taking your customer service to the next level
  • Tapping in to new audiences

One of the most exhilarating – and potentially most lucrative – ways of achieving all of these goals is by going international.

Many businesses are setting their sights on foreign shores moving forwards from the challenges of the pandemic.

Accountancy firm Kreston Reeves carried out a survey about post-Covid overseas trading. Senior Partner Andrew Griggs said about their findings – “Over half (51%) of those businesses surveyed say that their view on the importance of international trade has increased in a post-COVID world, and that 40% expect to see import trade increase.”

But, without business translations, your dreams of doing business with other countries can quickly disappear if you can’t communicate.

So, if you don’t have the necessary language skills in-house, professional business translations can be tantamount to your success or failure.

What Do Businesses Need Business Translations for?

Business translations are used for more than you might expect.

Think about it. How are you going to even start telling people about your products and services if you don’t speak their language and they don’t speak yours?

Business translations are often needed for – 

  • Brochures and other marketing collateral
  • Contracts
  • Documentation  
  • Website and other digital marketing


At Accutranslate, we’re specialists in business translations from English in to other languages, or from other foreign languages in to English.

Get in touch if you’re planning to start trading overseas for the first time, or if you’re breaking in to new markets. We’d love to help ensure your New Year’s resolutions become a reality and that nothing gets lost in translation.


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